Learn How To Be An Exotic Dancer!

Learn How To Be An Exotic Dancer Today
Learn How To Be An Exotic Dancer Today

Ladies, do you want to learn how to be an exotic dancer? Maybe you have always dreamed of being an exotic dancer but you don’t know where to begin?

Do you want to learn how to make money stripping?

Well, ExoticDanceGuide is here to show you how to be an exotic dancer today with this free, easy to follow guide.

Since 2010, the Exotic Dance Guide shows you how to be successful so you can start exotic dancing right away.

You can show up for your audition with confidence and start making money the same day. Dive in now and get advice from a real exotic dance industry professional.

Read the Exotic Dancer FAQ

The Exotic Dancer FAQ page shows you some of the most common questions that new strippers want to know about the industry. If you want to learn about how to become an exotic dancer, it’s a great place to start.

Many new trippers don’t know where to start, but this exotic dancer FAQ provides you with some good ideas on what it takes to be a stripper. I give my professional stripper advice and opinion of 14 years here in this FAQ for you to learn from. Visit the Exotic Dancer FAQ page now!

Find the Right Kind Of Club For You

There are several different types of strip clubs, each with potential to make money. The kind of club you decide to work at will factor in to how much you could potentially make per night.

Read my easy to understand guide that breaks down the three major types of strip clubs, and what kind of entertainment they offer. Not all clubs are created equal and some types of strip clubs are better than others. Find out what kind of club you may like to dance in before you go for your audition.

Choosing the Right Exotic Dancer Stage Name

Choosing the right stage name is an important part of building your exotic dancer persona. When you become stripper, your stage name becomes part of you. Don’t fall into the typical traps of choosing a generic stage name. Instead read the Stage Names guide for more information on how to build your persona the right way, the first time!

Ace Your Exotic Dance Audition!

In learning how to be a stripper, you need some strategy to succeed. Find out how to ace your stripper audition even if you have never been an exotic dancer before. Understand the club environment and how to get hired as an exotic dancer by reading the Audition page.

With the Exotic Dance Guide Audition page you can learn how to show up for your audition with confidence and get hired as a stripper right away.

Safety for Exotic Dancers

Learning how to be an exotic dancer means learning all aspects of the business. Stripping and pole dancing is fun but unfortunately it can be dangerous. With a few safety guides at Exotic Dance Guide you can learn how to protect yourself and prevent yourself from being caught up in certain dangers that exotic dancers face.

The Safety Inside The Club page gives you some helpful tips on how to be safe inside the club environment. These important considerations will help you to stay safe. But, there is also Safety Outside The Club to consider as well. Dancing is a fun career but some simple steps can help you be aware of the common dangers associated with exotic dancing.

Stripper School Article Series

This site is easy to navigate – you can find all of the articles here at this site on the Articles page. There is a section for additional links and resources. Be sure to visit the Strip Club Directory, a listing of clubs that you can work at in your area. And if you have any questions about exotic dancing, use my Contact page.

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