Am I too overweight to dance?

The simple answer is no, but in the end it depends on what kind of club you want to dance in. Some clubs have standards and won’t hire anyone who isn’t a perfect ten, in their estimation.

If you have never danced before you will find that you are using a new set of muscles that you have never used before. So you will eventually tone up and get in shape by dancing. Overall, I would recommend a healthy diet for a few weeks to help you to get in shape or at least slim down before you start dancing.

Every woman can try dancing, and you may find that dancing allows you to finally get in shape and loose that baby weight. I have met dancers who came into the industry who were obese, who stayed with it for several years, and now they all look so different, so much more in shape. Its a lot of hard work but in the end it is worth it. So if you can find a club that will accommodate you and you are not afraid to try, then give it a go. You have nothing to loose besides the extra weight, and more things to gain out of it than you may realize.

Help! I don’t have a large bust, can I still dance?

Yes, you can. Men are interested in all types of women, be they tall or short, skinny or curvy, full chested or not. What’s most important is hygiene, good manners, and business savvy. That will put you ahead of the rest of the dancers in the club if you are able to be personable with the customers. Find out your best assets and use them!

How Much Money Do Dancers Make?

How much does a dancer make on average? More than what you’d think. There are some area clubs where you can make several hundred to a thousand a night.

Top earning feature dancers make the big bucks. If you are booked as a feature you will be paid for your performance plus any tips that you will get on stage.

Most dancers do not get a paycheck – but that is slowly changing over time. They work for private dances and stage tips instead. Dancers have to pay the house, staff and Dj’s to work there. Usually, its called a ”house fee”. Most clubs also charge their dancers per dance for private VIP dances. The club provides the liquor, stage, private area, security and DJ, so your house fee helps to pay for these things.

Generally, though the income from dancing varies according to what kind of club you work in and what area its located in. You may find that you make less in a local small time glorified bikini bar than you would if you were dancing nude in a big city.

What do I do when a customer Wants To See Me Outside of the Club?

Politely decline and explain to your customers that you are not available outside of the club, and that if they want to come see you that they are better off visiting with you there instead.

Some customers are very wily and will try and convince you that other dancers are also doing the same favor for them, but in reality that’s just another line to make you feel comfortable with letting down your defenses and giving him what he wants – your time – for absolutely free. Customers will do anything to try and get out of seeing you at the club!

Do yourself a favor and remain exclusive. You’ll make more money in the long run and your bosses will appreciate the fact that you aren’t there to take business away from the club.

Not only that, in many places, even just trading a phone number could constitute for solicitation, and you don’t want to be caught up in that. Check with your club’s rules on things like that, and if you must communicate with customers, get a cheap burner phone that you use only for work and keep it with you at work to call your customers into the club. Alternatively, give your customer a business card for the club so he can call and ask if you are working that night.

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Dancer?

Just for your outfits and personal care it could cost a lot. Dancer clothing and shoes are not cheap. They are expensive for a reason, because dancers usually make good money. However, for example, I bought a pair of thigh high boots for work, for about 100$, and made my money back on them in about an hour at work! So the money you invest in your looks will pay off in the long run.

Working at a club has a cost as well. Some clubs are very reasonable with their house fees and will charge you only a minimal amount. Other places seem to dig into your pocket at every chance that they get. If you find that you end up spending more than 100$ a night to work at a club, make sure that you make at least three to four times that just to cover your daily cost of house fees and tips.

Your bouncer both at the door and at the VIP will want tips, along with the bartender, and the DJ as well, plus the house fee. Why is it like this? Because the club provides a safe and fun environment for you to make money, so it’s a trade-off.