How Much do Exotic Dancers Make Per Night?

How much do strippers and exotic dancers make per night? What is the average income of an exotic dancer? If you are thinking of becoming a stripper this is an important consideration.

The answer depends on the area and market that a dancer works in, whether she is a feature dancer or not, and what kind of club she works at.

A strippers income also depends on how much she has to spend for house fees and tipout, and what she charges for private dances and champagne rooms, and what she could possibly make on stage.

Smaller Clubs Have Potential

All of these factors combine to work out what exotic dancers make per night. If she worked in a small neighborhood club that had a lot of regular but cheap clientele, in a bikini bar style club, there would be potential to make several hundred a night. Anywhere between 100 to even 800 a night is possible with the right combination of factors.

But the exotic dancers that make that kind of money in such a small club are often the ones that hustle, stay off their cellphones when they are on the floor, make it to stage when they are called, and actually talk to the customers.

They don’t hang out in the dressing room all night or spend their money on drinking. They are focused on the task of making as much money from the smallest crowd possible. What exotic dancers make per night in a small club depends on how hard they work.

House fees in smaller, bikini style strip clubs are often lower than what you would find in your average mid-sized club. Depending on the fee schedule a stripper could spend 50-100$ per night on fees and tipout, so in order to get past the red, the goal should be at a bare minimum, 300$ per night.

Building a base of regular customers in a small club is key to success and generating a decent income nightly from stripping. The average income for a stripper in a small club is variable and should be averaged out on a weekly, not nightly basis.

This is because there is potential to come across some very slow nights where only a few customers arrive at the club throughout the whole night. Even still, you could easily clear at least 1,000$ per week for only a few days.

Nude Strip Clubs – Earning Potential

How much do nude exotic dancers make per night? Often nude clubs offer the potential to make more money than your average bikini bar. It is a completely different environment where men are encouraged to really spend their cash. Clubs like this often host VIP parties and bachelor parties. The potential income for a nude strip dancer could reach into the thousands nightly.

Many nude clubs do not server alcohol, so the men have more money to spend on tips and dances. Also, unlike a regular bikini bar, the environment is more like a real strip club instead of a neighborhood bar where people tend to just hang out and drink with their buddies.

Nude clubs often host feature dancers, and features not only get paid for dances but they also get paid for merchandise, and for their performance on stage. Features often spend a portion of their money for tipout for security and the DJ who helps them to coordinate their stage shows. The average income for a feature stripper could easily be in the thousands, as well just for a few hours at the club.

Because there is potential to make more, the house fees and tipouts are often much higher. Plan on spending at least 100$ a night if not more just to keep up with the club requirements. What exotic dancers make per night in nude clubs is often substantially more than just what they could make in a bikini bar.

Corporate Clubs and Gown Clubs

How much do exotic dancers in corporate clubs make per night? If you work at a corporate style chain club you will be in a controlled environment with regulations. Often these kinds of clubs are more upscale and the customers that tend to go to these places have money. The average income for a dancer in a gown club could also be in the thousands per night.

But, there is a cost to maintaining your corporate looks, and dancers in these kind of clubs often spend money on gym memberships, gowns, hair and nails and whatever it takes to stay beautiful. Tipouts for these kinds of clubs are high, expect to spend at least 100$ per night if not more to work in a place like this.

Dancers at larger corporate clubs often make the most money. The Huffington Post did an interview with a college age dancer who was making bank in the club. According to her, there is potential to make over 180,000$ a year just working a few nights a week! That’s not bad for a part time job. They also mentioned though, that getting an exact number on how much dancers actually make is nearly impossible.

So, How much Does a Stripper Make Per Hour?

Most strippers don’t get an hourly wage. With the potential to make hundreds, if not thousands per night, many dancers work as independent contractors, meaning that they make their own hours are are not considered to be employees.

This is changing in today’s times however, with strippers and dancer unions filing lawsuits claiming that clubs do treat them the same as employees so they are working without any wages at all. The benefit to paying dancers as an employee are obvious – it will encourage dancers to show up to work on a regular schedule and may help to regulate the industry. Doing taxes will be easier. But, the downside is that the Dj and other employees that dancers used to tip will see a decrease in wage, along with quality.

In Conclusion – Dancers Make Money!

Depending on your club’s environment a stripper has the potential to make a lot of money nightly. It just depends on the type of club you work at, whether or not you actually hustle, how much you invest in tipout and house fees, how much you invest in your looks, and how many nights you work.

The best way to look at it is to realize that you may not make a lot on some nights so you are better off averaging your money throughout the week, instead of looking at it on a night to night basis.

Have a look at the Dancer FAQ if you are considering dancing and you have questions about the strip club industry!


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