What Are Pasties?

Burlesque Performer Jennie Lee, Twirling

Pasties are fun covers for the woman’s breast, covering the essential parts in a decorative way. Pasties got their name because of how they are worn – by placing them on the breast with a glue, usually with gum arabic or latex. While they got their start by being worn in the theater and with burlesque shows, they are still used today in some clubs where the women are censored by law.They are designed to be functional and decorative. Pasties expose most of the breast without leaving a woman entirely covered.

They come in all different shapes and sizes too – and they are made from a variety of materials, including everything from simple ‘nipple tape’, an ace bandage that is skin-colored, to sequined and leather pasties that are glued on. Pasties can be worn by dancers who just want to be different. They are also excellent for hiding imperfections, like nipples that are inverted or aren’t perfectly symmetrical.

Overall, they can improve your appearance and they may also serve as an excellent conversation piece, or you can incorporate them as part of your show.The earliest, most standard round pastie form was created in 1930. Some of them also have tassels – an invention of the topless Burlesque performer named Carrie Finnell, credited with adding this feature to her pasties, twirling them around and around in a dizzying and fantastic performance!

How To Wear Pasties

Follow these easy steps to get started with wearing pasties at the club. When you learn how to apply them and wear them it can really compliment your look and in time you’ll be comfortable wearing them. You might even enjoy doing tassel tricks with them when you are confident enough! Pasties are easy to wear because all you have to do is glue them on. But there are a few things to remember in using pasties. A good quality made pair of pasties can last you a very long time, for years, in fact, depending on the amount of use that you give them, and how you care for them when you are wearing them and when you take them off.

Pastie Styles:

Pasties come in many different styles. There are crystal-studded pasties, leather pasties, sequined pasties, fabric pasties. Some pasties have small tassels, or rhinestone tassels.

To begin, what you need are two pasties, in whatever style that you like, and some pastie glue. Pastie glue comes in a small bottle and it is made specifically for pastie application. Do not use any other kind of glue than this because it will not bond right and you will ruin the backing of your pasties. Pastie glue is a fast drying, rubbery textured glue that goes on wet and gets tacky as it dries. When it is completely dry it creates a bond with your skin and it moves with you as you move so your pasties look natural against your skin. Paste glue is relatively inexpensive and you will get many uses out of each bottle.

It’s Important to Test for Allergies First
Test yourself for allergies before you wear your pasties. Because pastie glue is made of latex or gum arabic, you will want to test the glue so that you do not have any allergies to the mixture. Test it on the inside of your wrist, or where your elbow joint is on your inner arm. These are sensitive areas where you may be able to tell if it will give you some irritation. If it does irritate you then do not use pastie glue, read below where I describe how to use double-sided tape to apply pasties.

Prepare for Application

Please test your pastie glue on a small spot on your inner arm to make sure that you are not allergic. Then, gather 3 things – your pasties, your Pastie Glue, and a tissue or paper towel.

Most pasties have a fabric backing where you can brush on the pastie glue. The easiest way to apply the glue is to glue them one at a time. First you should shake the bottle well so that it gets mixed properly. Dip the brush into your Pastie Glue Bottle, and carefully and quickly brush on the glue over the entire surface of the pastie. You do not want to brush the glue on your skin because the heat from your body will dry it too fast. So, let the glue get tacky first, this takes about 2 minutes, it happens very quickly especially with new bottles of glue. You will need a napkin to wipe your brush on (if necessary)


Lean forward slightly so that your form will fit into the pastie with an exact fit. Then stand up straight, chest out and press firmly for almost a minute and you are guaranteed to have a secure bond. Do the second one the same way, but take a moment first to position it by eye so that you can have them set perfectly. If you make a mistake in setting them you may be able to 1. re-bond it with a touch of glue, or 2. peel off the pastie, and peel the glue off the back, and then start over.

Take Care of your Pasties

Nicki Minaj in Pasties

If you take care of your pasties they will last you a long time. In order to take care of them you have to treat them with care. When you are done for the night and its time to go home, carefully peel the pastie off by pressing the corner of the pastie where it meets your skin. Peel the pastie off without stretching or bending the pastie out of shape.
Carefully peel the pastie glue off the back of the pastie. This is so that you can get a good grip the next time you apply your pastie.

If you leave the glue on, it will layer up, and when the top layer separates from the pastie, it will fall off. You don’t want to risk a fine from management or the law (or a bad fashion moment) by having your pastie fall off while you are on stage or in the VIP. So remember to remove the glue so that you’ll always have a ‘blank canvas’ to start with. Its helpful to have several pairs of pasties so that you have a backup pair to use throughout the week and also so that you will not give it so much wear all the time.

Allergic? Use This Method Instead:

So, what do you do when you see that using the pastie glue gives you a red rash and irritates your skin? You can stick your pastie on with double-sided tape that is intended to hold clothing close to the skin. Try this sensible alternative. A double sided tape like Tit Tape (amazon) that can be used to attach pasties. Simply apply it to the backing of your pastie for a secure fit. You will have a comfortable fit that will be non-irritating.