There are several different types of strip clubs, each with potential to make money. The kind of club you decide to work at will factor in to how much you could potentially make per night and what kind of strip club environment that you are comfortable working in.

Types of Strip Clubs #1 Topless and Bikini Bar Strip Clubs

Types of Strip Clubs

This is your basic small neighborhood bar turned into a strip club. They will have a main stage and most of them have some kind of private dancing area.

You will find places like this in cities, sometimes in an industrial area or just outside of town. These clubs have potential to make money but the trick is to be able to be consistent with customers and build a regular clientele so you can survive on the slow nights.

You will have to work hard and hustle every customer that comes in because it will be a small club with only a few customers to choose from, depending on how busy or slow it is.

Depending on the regulations of the city that you live in, a topless club or bikini bar may be topless on stage, or it could require you to wear pasties to cover up. They could require you to wear booty shorts instead of a t-back or thong, but it all depends on what the city regulations are. Because of this, men aren’t looking to spend as much in a topless club because of the kind of mileage that they may get.

Many times, the house fees are low in places like this so the cost of working at a place like this will be minimal. Still, you may find that the owners of these kinds of places are so cheap that they never pay for advertising. They may try and get fees from dancers at every turn, some even charging a fee to use their lockers, or making up arbitrary rules on late fees or charging dancers for breaking the rules.

There is potential to make several hundred dollars a night in a topless club. If you are new to dancing it makes for a good place to try out your skills without having to do anything that might make you feel uncomfortable. You could average about 300$ to 500$ a night in a club like this if you work hard at it.

Types of Strip Clubs #2 Nude Strip Clubs

Types Of StripClubs

The second type of strip club, nude clubs, offer more potential to make money in the long run. It is a different environment than the typical neighborhood bar. These kinds of clubs often do not serve alcohol so when customers go to them they are looking for entertainment. It’s not like a regular bikini bar where people go to just ‘have a few beers’ and hang out with their buddies after work.

Nude clubs often host VIP parties and bachelor parties as well. Men are encouraged to spend their cash in a place like this. The environment is more like a real strip club and less like a neighborhood bar.

You could potentially make thousands of dollars a week in a nude club. The downside is that you have to be completely comfortable with being totally nude on stage and in the private rooms.

Often nude clubs offer the potential to make more money than your average bikini bar because it is more like a real strip club. The major difference between a bikini bar and a nude club is the amount of mileage the customer expects. Owners and customers may expect you to do a little more touching and grinding during lap dances in the VIP. This is different from a bikini bar where touching is sometimes discouraged. The potential income for a nude strip dancer could reach into the thousands nightly.

Types of Strip Clubs #3 Upscale Corporate Clubs and Gown Clubs

Types of Strip Clubs

Corporate clubs offer a more controlled environment with more regulations. They may have standards on what kind of women that they hire for their club. For some clubs you have to be a certain weight or body type before they will even consider you for employment. This seems unfair, but consider that this is the strip club industry, based on women’s bodies and men’s fantasies about women’s bodies.

A corporate club is a chain club. One example is Scores, which is found in several states throughout America. The house fees are higher but you won’t have to deal with the typical cheap or rude customers that you may find in neighborhood strip clubs. Corporate clubs may not let you choose your own music or playlists and often, they have more than one stage to dance on. You may have a code of conduct and have to pay fines for going beyond the rules of the club.

You may be required to spend your own money on a gown, and not be allowed to wear the same gown night after night. You will also have to spend more on self maintenance, but you will be making more money at a corporate club as well. The clientele will be substantially better and will spend more money.

For a top shelf dancer, there is potential to make thousands of dollars a night in an upscale club, but the house fees will cost substantially more.

In Summary – Choose the Right Types of Strip Clubs Wisely

The types of strip clubs that you choose should be based on your comfort level. You should also do your research and visit a club before you decide to work there. That way you can get a feel for the environment and see how the club handles their business.

Types of Strip Clubs

The four most important things you should be looking for in any club are: the kind of staff that they have, what kind of clientele they cater to, and which neighborhood the club is located in, and if they offer something more than just stage.

Choose a club that has, at minimum, a bouncer to help you through the night if there are any issues. Make sure that the bouncer walks you to your vehicle as well. A club without a bouncer is not a good idea especially when alcohol is involved. The manager does not count as a bouncer.

What kind of clientele they cater to depends on what neighborhood they are located in. You will find that areas that cater to tourists have high customer turnout so you won’t be seeing the same men every night.

Clubs located near navy ports are usually busy all the time, without much trouble to deal with. But clubs that are located in poorer or industrial parts of town will drive in cheap trouble making customers looking to get the most for as little as possible.

Make sure the club that you choose also has more than just a stage to offer. If all the club offers is 10$ table dances, then you aren’t going to make much money in the long run, customers will be cheap and will be constantly asking to see you outside of the club.

Clubs that offer a VIP area are good, but if they offer a Champagne Room, even better. You can turn that 25$ VIP dance into an up sell for more than 100$ Champagne Room dance, instead.

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