About this Site

Nice to meet you! My stage name was Demonica. I danced for 14 years and loved every minute. I put this guide together to help new dancers learn the ropes. No one taught me how to do these things, I had to learn on my own. So use my decade of experience to help you on your journey into this exciting and rewarding profession.

I began dancing back in 2003 when a friend of mine who worked part time as a DJ told me to come to the club and give it a try. I was nervous on my first time on stage, but after a while, it was so much fun. The girls at the club showed me how to do tricks on the pole. And I learned how to deal with customers, management and the DJ’s over time.

Dancing gave me the freedom and happiness that I looked forward to every day. There is no other career like it where can you be independent, dress up and be on stage being admired by others!

I retired officially in 2013 – I was fortunate enough to land a job as a DJ at my local club, so I was able to stay in the business that I loved so much. Now that I am on the other side of the booth, and have Dj’d in several clubs, I’ve learned additional insights into this industry that I hope to bring to this website. Thank you for visiting, and never stop learning!

If you have any questions relating to the art of exotic dancing, head on over to my blog and use the Contact page. I will reply as soon as possible.

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