Information About Exotic Dancing To Help You Succeed!

• Exotic Dancer FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the exotic dance industry.

• Your Exotic Dancing Audition
Learn how to increase your chances of landing an awesome job at your local strip club.

• Your Dancer Stage Name is Important
Learn how to make a lasing impression with your exotic dancer stage name.

• Wearing Pasties in the Club
Some clubs require that you wear pasties or cover ups. Find out the best way to use these decorative items.

• What to take With you in Your Dancer Bag
See what important items you should bring with you to work. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

• What To Leave At Home
A brief reminder of some of the things that you should definitely leave at home.

• How to Walk in Those Heels
Have you ever wondered how those ladies walk in those heels? Find out the secret here.

• Dancer Etiquette
Get ahead of the game by learning the unspoken club rules of exotic dancing.


Your Safety

• Dancing Undercover
Read 5 Tips for Hiding your Job from Family and Friends

• Safety Inside the Club
Safety in the club is an important concern. Here are a few ideas that may just help you to stay safe.

• Safety Outside of the Club
Safety outside of the club is important too. Better safe than sorry in this uncertain world.



• 8 Reasons to Start Dancing Today!
If you need some inspiration, here are 8 reasons why you should consider getting a career as a dancer

• The History of Exotic Dancing
Have you ever wondered about where and how exotic dancing began? Read to learn more about the historical pioneers of this beautiful art.

• Read about the Creator of this site!
Find out abut the owner of this site, a dancer who hit the stage for 14 years!


Staff, Management and DJ’s

• Help Your DJ to Help You Make Money!
There are 3 ways of helping your DJ to help you make the most money possible every night.

• Help Your DJ to Help You Make Money – Make a Playlist..
Let’s talk about your stage music for a moment. Spending time with your DJ working on a playlist will definitely make the night better for both of you.



• Make Extra Cash at Home with Camming
Find out how you can make extra cash today with webcam modeling with the biggest advertised network of webcam modeling.

• Find a Sugar Daddy today!
Looking for extra money? Why not get yourself a sugar daddy to help you out, and spoil you with the finer things in life.

• Best Pheromones for Dancers
Pheromones are special hormones that women can use to attract men and gain their trust, giving you a clear advantage in the club.



• Top 5 Movies about Strippers
Find out my top 5 picks of movies made by and for exotic dancers!