What’s in your Dancer Bag?

Here now is a checklist of things that you may want to bring with you in your Dancer Bag:

1. Your dancer clothes – Use plastic bags or Ziploc bags along with a dryer sheet to keep your clothes fresh. Wear clean fresh clothes and bring at least two outfits to wear. Please don’t be like the other girls and wear the same outfit every day.

2. Money Garter – You should bring a Money Garter to keep your money in. Some chicks keep their cash in their locker which is fine. But if you want to keep your money on you, then you should bring a few garters [in different colors, if you are color-coordinating your outfits]. Keeping your money in your garter is easy. You fold the dollars in half lengthwise, and then fold it in half over your garter and wrap a rubber band or hair tie around the end it to secure it. It will be safer if you keep your money with you at all times. Some clubs require that the only place a customer can tip you is in your garter.

3. Shoes – Appropriate shoe wear for a strip club has a heel that is at least two inches. In fact, your club may have regulations on what heel size they want their girls to wear. Flats are not appropriate stripper wear, neither are flip flops. Customers can see their wife at home wearing stuff like that. Try something sexy and complimentary, and start out with a shorter heel if you want. Eventually, you will want to keep a backup pair of shoes in your locker in case your other pair breaks during a shift.

4- Your makeup – Bring a few essentials in your bag. Use a makeup bag, like this one.

It’s small and compact and has enough room to hold what you need. Basic essentials are powder and foundation, eye shadow, blush and brush, bronzer, and mascara. Wearing makeup helps to boost your confidence and it looks great. Wearing makeup will definitely help your sales.

5. Hairspray, or hair products – Any hair products that you may use. Hairspray, gel, etc. And bring your own curling or straightening iron as well. The ones left at the club are unsanitary.

6. Your Hairbrush – Bring your hairbrush, please. You don’t want to get there and realize that you forgot your hairbrush. To keep your hair fresh, give it a dry bath by adding some dry shampoo and fluffing it in your hair. It will leave your hair nice and dry and fresh. You’re going to need it after all that dancing!

7. – Femme Products – Bring these with you and keep them in your bag for those emergencies. Most dancers use tampons during that time of the month because it stays hidden. Bring a small pair of sewing scissors for trimming the string before you insert your tampon and no one will know your secret.

8. Gum, mints – Whatever flavor you like it! Its also nice to hand to the customers, they really appreciate it and it helps to lower inhibitions. One dancer that I knew kept a toothbrush and toothpaste in travel size in her bag just in case she chowed down at the club and needed to freshen up.

9. Deodorant – Keep this in your bag in case you need to use some during your shift, you will eventually need it later on in the night.

10. Perfume – Bring something sensual, flirty or fun. What works best are body sprays, something light that you can spray on after your stage set to freshen up. Guys like it when you smell nice, but don’t over do it. The idea of perfume is to have a hint of scent to keep them guessing and getting closer to you. There are also Pheromones for this – they are chemicals that people naturally respond to in romantic ways.

11. Snacks, soda or a Book – bring something light just in case you want to take a break and have a snack. Fruit or crackers, or something to energize you. Another option is to bring a book. If the club is slow you won’t have to get caught up in the drama, you can relax in the dressing room with a book instead for a few minutes and emerge refreshed. Or maybe read this website for a few for some inspiration!

12. A Lock for your Locker – don’t forget to bring this just in case your club does not provide locks for your locker. Some dancers use a padlock and keep the key with them when they dance. Some use a combination lock. There is no such thing as a safe club where people do not steal Even clubs that have cameras in the dressing rooms aren’t safe. Bring a lock.

13. Finally, don’t forget some small sewing scissors and a mini sewing kit so you can use the sewing kit when you need it.

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