Your First Night at a New Club.

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Management in Clubs do things in different ways, but there are some standards when it comes to auditions. Some clubs have an amateur nite where you can come in and try out your skills. I tend to stay away from these clubs as the amateur nites are a promotional tactic and they tend to take away from the business for the girls – you will have many non-customers in the club making it harder to make money. For more information on the types of strip clubs out there, visit the. Clubs page

Exotic dancing is a very competitive field. It is more than a job and for some its even a career. It can be tough to get into a large club where there is a lot of competition, especially if you have never danced before. Here are eleven important tips for your success.

Things to Consider

  1. Be Prepared. This means knowing ahead of time what kind of club that you are going to, is it topless or fully nude? A topless place would be easier to start at if you have never danced before. Do some research on the clubs that you plan on visiting in your area.

  2. Call the club during day hours to find out the best time to speak with management for an interview. Some managers aren’t at the club at night or may be too busy to have an interview during that time if they are there. So, call or make an appointment to be there, and show up on time! Ask for the manager’s name so you can greet the manager by name when you get there. This is a job interview and the goal is to be professional. Be sure to ask the club what kind of dancewear they allow so you know what to bring with you if you get hired immediately. Ask if you need a dancer’s license to get hired.

  3. If you can, find out what people say about the club, does it have a good reputation? What neighborhood is the club in? Not all clubs are equal. If you can, do some research so you know what expect when you go there.

  4. Go to your interview alone, there’s no need to bring your entire entourage of friends with you. They will only distract you, and you are there to get a job, not to socialize. It’s not a girls night out.

  5. Wear something sexy and comfortable. You want to look great for your interview. Bring your Dancer Bag with you so you can begin working in case you get hired on the spot.

  6. Bring your valid Photo ID and check to make sure if you have to have a Dancer’s License or Sherrif’s card to dance in your area. Due to local regulations, clubs that require a dancer card or license won’t let you dance without it.

  7. Come in for the interview and fill out an application and sign a contract to be an independent worker at the club. This is called and “Independent Contract” and this supposedly means that you are not hired as an employee by the club and that you run your own business according to the rules of the club. It’s important to read your contract but remember that when it all comes down to it, the decisions made in the club regarding your employment come down to the management and what they want to do.

  8. The management will interview you briefly and check your ID or other requirements. If you have never danced before, tell them so, but be enthusiastic and let them know that you want to get into the career of dancing. Sometimes it can be hard to land a job in this field because the management is not sure of letting new or inexperienced people work there, but many are willing to take a chance if you have a good attitude and are ready to work. If you show that you have enthusiasm and you come prepared, smile and be polite, then you will have a good chance that the management will like you and ask you to stay.

  9. They may ask you to audition. Now is your chance to shine!. When you agree to the audition and they tell you to get ready, bring some appropriate clothing in a gym bag or backpack with you so that you can change in the dressing room. Choose the appropriate attire, which means following the rules of the club. If you called beforehand and asked them what kind of dance wear is allowed, then you will be prepared. A bikini top and some Boy shorts to start out in would be a great choice. Wear comfortable but stylish shoes, something with a short to medium heel – you don’t have to learn how to walk in those tall platforms right away.

  10. Fake it until you make it! If you don’t know how to dance like a pro yet, it’s alright. The easiest way to do it is to move slowly, smile and go with the music. You may have to go topless on the second song, so don’t forget to go topless it is required. Some of the biggest mistakes that beginners make are forgetting to smile and clinging to the pole for dear life. Don’t be afraid to move, have fun and dance! This is why it’s good to come in a bit early and watch how the dancers perform on the stage, so you know what is expected.

  11. Lastly, remember, don’t do anything that you are uncomfortable with. If you go into a club and you don’t feel safe or the management asks you to do something that makes you feel uneasy, you always have the option to leave right away. There are plenty of other clubs out there to explore.

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