What to Leave At Home

Glitter and Lotion

No Oil or Lotion on Stage!
Glitter, lotion, and Oils… These are the three things that you should definitely leave at home. First of all, you don’t need to wear glitter, it does not belong in the strip club, it looks tacky, and it gets all over customer’s clothing. They don’t want to go home and see glitter on their face or their clothing. Massive amounts of glitter poured on you is not going to make much of a difference in the dim lights anyway. And, glitter that falls on the stage can be slippery.

Lotion and oils can be slippery too so it’s best to avoid ever using them if at any time you are going to be on stage. You don’t want to be the one to fall on the stage or be the one who makes other dancers slip and fall because you had to put oil, cocoa butter, Vaseline, or any other type of lotion all over your body. Oil on the stage is dangerous to you and to other dancers, and it can be very dangerous on the pole. There may even be a notice in your dressing room about it.

Hair Oils

The same goes for hair oils, when used in large amounts, hair oils have a tendency to stick to the pole and the floor making it a slippery mess. Even the alcohol that is used on the stage in between sets can’t clean this up, so use caution if you plan on using any kind of hair oils. If you need some moisture, put your lotion on after the shower or bring some light moisturizer that is quickly absorbed. You want the lotion to disappear into your skin and not leave a greasy after feel. Try to not do this before your stage set, either. Please be considerate with this.


In addition to this, please re-consider dousing yourself in perfume. Sometimes it is overwhelming and it can distract from your own natural scent. The best place to put perfume is on your back, your waist and in your hair so that it won’t easily rub off on you or on a customer who doesn’t want to go home to his wife smelling like a cheap body spray. Better yet, invest in some good Pheromones so your scent can work for you, not against you.

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