1. Staying Anonymous

    Guys can be creepy..

    Stalking and harassment is a real concern in this business. That’s why it’s important to keep your private life separate from the club. Using a Stage Name for yourself will hide your identity and keep you safe from customers that want to stalk you. Using a somewhat normal sounding stage name can prevent customers from trying to learn your real name. A lot can be discovered just from knowing someone’s name, especially now that we have social media.

    Don’t let customers know what area you live in. Do yourself a favor and don’t tell other dancers your real name or where you live, because they won’t think twice to tell a customer when they are asked. Believe me, some people are unscrupulous in this business and they will talk behind your back in a second. In this high-competition environment anything you say can and will be used against you by other dancers, and sometimes staff.

  2. Watch your Drink!

    Don’t ever, under any circumstance, leave your drink unattended. Watching your drink means not leaving it alone for one second, even when you go onto the stage. Consider that it only takes a moment for someone to slip something into your drink. It happens in regular bars and it happens in strip clubs, too. Never trust a customer or any of the dancers to watch your drink. If you have to leave your drink somewhere, leave it with the bartender who’s job it is to make sure that your drink will be untouched.
    Get a Padlock Instead

  3. Keep Your Stuff in a Locker

    Clubs usually provide lockers in their dressing rooms to keep your belongings in. Keeping your dancer bag and your purse in your locker is a good idea. Before you head to a new club, get yourself a padlock with a key. Padlocks are the best defense against having your things stolen out of your locker. Combination locks are easily broken leaving you vulnerable. Never leave your belongings out in the open for any reason because they will get stolen.

    Make sure you keep your money on you at all times. This means using a garter or some other means of carrying it with you throughout the night. Watch the stage when you dance and make sure that no one steals your tips off the rail. One night at the club, I saw a dancer who got tipped with the same dollar 5 times. Don’t carry your money in a purse, because dancer purses are the first thing to get stolen. Your cash should be on you at all times.

  4. Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

    Customers want to buy you drinks so they can take advantage of you. Be smart and instead drink water, energy drinks or have the bartender make you something virgin. Many clubs have special virgin drinks that keep you from getting wasted, so get with your bartender early on and see if she can help you out. Dancing takes a lot of energy and when you drink alcohol you deprive your body of the necessary fluids that you need to stay hydrated.

    There will be dancers who will try to lure you into their party scene so that you can buy drugs from them to support their party lifestyle. It won’t seem like that at first, but that is where it invariably leads in the end. Don’t fall for it, be smart and avoid drugs.

  5. Tip the Bouncer and Staff

    The bouncers and staff are there to make sure you are safe while you are working. You should make sure that your bouncer knows about your concerns, and that you tip him well to make sure that he is watching out for your interests. That way if there is any trouble for you, you will have an employee on your side. Taking care of staff in the club will ensure that you are taken care of when the time comes.

    Now that you have learned some basic safety tips inside the club, it’s time to learn about the realities of safety outside of the club. Visit: Safety Outside of the Club

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