My Top 5 Stripper Movies

Confessions of a Go-Go Girl


Yes this is a Lifetime movie, and it comes with the cheesy Lifetime movie style that makes everything dramatic. the reason why I like this film is because it is pretty realistic. The lead actress Chelsea Hobbs, struggling to make it as an actress, puts her dreams aside and enters the world of exotic dancing where she can imagine the person she wants to be.

Throghout her time as a dancer she makes a friend in the business who tries to use Chelsea for her own purposes. What started out as a simple job quickly turned into an all-consuming lifestyle and Chelsea can’t just walk away. I enjoyed the theme in this film as it was believable, realistic.

Surprisingly for being a made-for-tv movie, the ending did not leave me disappointed. Confessions of a Go-Go Girl is one of my favorites of all time.

From Dusk Till Dawn


Who can forget the seductive snake dance that Salma Hayek did in this film? It was at a place called the Titty Twister in Tijuana, Mexico. Two adventurers, sexy George Clooney and Quentin Taranino go on a crime spree that leads them to this dark strip club in the middle of nowhere. Little did they know that this club, from Dusk Till Dawn, was a portal for the undead! Brought to you by the fabulous mind of Quentin Tarantino, this thriller is non stop fun. While the effects are somewhat outdated, it’s still a fun story.

The scene that I liked the most was Salma, as the Queen of the Underworld, and her famous hypnotizing snake dance. From Dusk Till Dawn isn’t focused on the world of stripping but it does feature a strip club, and a sexy dancer as the main character, which is more than enough for me.

Stripper (Documentary)


Follow the lives of these five young women as they compete in a stripper’s convention held in Las Vegas in the 1980’s. Even though this documentary is dated, it shows how exotic dancing has developed into the industry it is today. This documentary is inspiring and many women have watched it throughout the years to get an idea of what it is really like to be a dancer.

I liked watching this from time to time if only to get that feeling of what it was like to feel part of a group of dancers, competing with each other but still on each other’s teams. Some things never change! Stripper the Documentary is worth a watch if you are curious about dancing and you want to see what life was like for dancers in the 80’s.

Lap Dance


This may be a somewhat low budget movie but it’s got a star-studded script including Stacey Dash and Carmen Electra. The lead actress, and her boyfriend take off on an adventure to California to chase their dreams. He wants to write movie scripts and she wants to be an actor. Along the way, however, they find that their lives are unraveling. She finds a friend who brings her into the world of exotic dancing. She discovered that all though money can make your life better it comes with a whole new set of problems.

This really is a love story because through it all the couple does stay together. There’s not much nudity, but the story is fun and there is a lesson to be found behind it all. The world of stripping may be glamorous but it has its pitfalls. Lap Dance is another cautionary tale about the world of exotic dancing.


Live Nude Girls: Unite!


Showing how activism works in the exotic dance industry, the lead actress Julia Query is faced with many challenges at the Lusty Lady strip club that eventually lead her to unionize her club for the benefit of the girls. Bad deals with the management and customers lead them to unite and fight for what they believe is right. In this documentary, the dark side of club business is shown, where customers and management think they have an upper hand…that is, until the ladies fight for what is right.

Live Nude Girls an important documentary for any dancer, to learn what it is like to have to stand up for yourself in this business. Live Nude Girls: Unite! is a great movie for seasoned vets and newbies to the industry, alike.

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