How To Walk In Stripper Heels

Those 7 inch platform heels can be a really enticing look that when worn and moved in correctly can be a compliment to your style, and make you money in the process. Dancer shoes are expensive but if you can make your money back for the cost of them in only a few hours, then you are well on your way to making your shoes make money for you. But, not only do you have to look good you also have to be able to walk with grace and style.

The first thing to consider is that you should make your movements slowly. heels were not invented to run in and they are not athletic wear. they were invented to make women look as if they were on a pedestal! So when you are walking in heels, slow down take small steps, and remember that you are not walking in sneakers. Be conscious of your movements until you are used to walking in tall heels.

Its also important to distribute your weight evenly. Use your whole body to move, and as you walk move your hips shoulders and head for balance. Its important to be aware of your balance as there is not much that is holding you up except for your weight, your momentum and your balance when you are walking.

When you step move from heel to ball, ball to heel back and forth when you walk. Also move forward with a rhythm from right foot, left shoulder, left foot, right shoulder. Practice this style at home so that your movements are natural and come with ease. you want it to look like walking in those shoes are an effortless thing, so that as you move you will look fabulous and nothing will be out of place.

Take some time to study the supermodel walk. they have confidence and they move with grace. You don’t have to exaggerate your walk as they do of course, but you can learn balance and movement and grace by studying the supermodel walk.

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