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Many times I have seen dancers who, after they finish their stage set, immediately go and sit by themselves or head for the dressing room.  Once you are done with your stage set, that’s the perfect opportunity to talk to customers. Don’t miss this opportunity to make money!

Even if you didn’t make any tips, the customers that were watching you dance with interest are likely candidates for conversation and a dance. Sometimes customers don’t want to go up to the stage so don’t take it personally. Use it as an opportunity to engage the customers after you finish your stage set.

For example, I watched a dancer who had banked (made a lot of money) on stage that didn’t even spend a moment of time talking with any customers after her set was done, and she didn’t make anything at all the next time she went up. She was hoping to make all of her money for the night on the stage and that is not a lasting or reliable way to make money in a strip club.

So make sure you take time to talk with the customers that tipped you. Acknowledging them after your set is the best way to open the doors to sales in the club. You only have a moment to do this before the next dancer grabs the attention of the room so take advantage of it and use your stage set as a talking point and an opener to making sales.


Talk with customers after your stage set, thank them for the tips and use this to initiate conversation.

Talk with the customers that were watching you with interest. They may need a push to get involved with what’s going on at the club and you can serve as their guide.

Remember you can always visit Exotic Dance Guide for more tips and information on how to be an exotic dancer..

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