Tips on Dancing – Deliberate Dancing

Don't Be a Lazy Stripper!

Welcome to my blog! First in this series on dancing tips comes from my long time observation of dancers, not only while I was dancing but especially now that I’m working as a DJ.

I have something to say about newer, younger dancers in the business and their attitude while on stage. I noticed that many dancers, when they are on stage, don’t even try to perform like a dancer. They think that just shaking their booty is going to make them cash, but when they do that they don’t stand out from the crowd and easily blend in with every other dancer doing the same moves.

It’s a stage show, after all, not a chance for you to twerk mindlessly or lay on the stage, or lazily roll around. There is nothing sexy about this and it looks tacky. It may show that you are bored and you don’t want to bore the customers, who have seen every other girl out there shake her booty the same exact way all night long. Let’s face it, any woman can shake it, but it takes true talent to make dancing a performance art!

My suggestion is to make it a show. Actually do a strip tease where you spend half a song taking off your top or your bottoms. Slowly take your time teasing the customer so there is an atmosphere of anticipation. Please don’t take everything off in a hurry and kick your clothing across the stage like you are in a locker room. Every move should be deliberate so it is enchanting.

I come from an era when women actually danced, where they put on a show – not just briefly moved a body part to the beat and stared off into space while they were on stage. So if you are wondering why you are not making tips, its because you are doing the same mindless moves on stage without engaging the customers.

  1. Make sure you smile, and wave to a customer to get him to come to the stage. Guys will feel obligated to come see you and then you have engaged the customers in a fun way that will keep them happy. Make them part of the show.
  2. Actually make an effort to do a striptease, not just mindless repetitive dancing, but instead turn it into a show! Dance deliberately, be professional.
  3. Even if no one is watching there is always something going on in the club. Your next best customer could be coming through the door while you are on stage, so never, ever look bored.

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